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Distant Learning Courses by Leap To Success




Our Distant learning courses, we call it Virtual Experiential Learning (VEL) is a digitally-based interactive and active learning experience that uses blended learning approach that creates engagement and drives focus on practical tasks and topics.

The experience that participants will encounter is short and interactive, but most importantly customized to help them Think Big, and Achieve Big in short time!

Through VEL participants will:

• Receive Learning resources through L2S Mobile Application
• Perform action plans and follow-up sessions with the instructors in an effective 1:1 environment
• Receive e-certificates


We offer several Distant Learning Courses to further your learning from the comfort of your home. Click on the course names below to learn more about the courses:

Remote Management Training

1. Remote Management & Overcoming Distruptive Environmental Threats

This training program is designed to equip the leaders with all the skills, tools and contemporary techniques that will allow them to manage the business and their workforce remotely, and ensure that results are intact, and all processes and procedures are running smoothly. One of the most sought after training program that you must enroll to see the difference for yourself.

Training Language: English / Arabic

Training Duration: 2 Days

Microsoft Excel Simulator

2. Microsoft Excel Simulator

This online Excel simulator is designed to enable anyone learn Microsoft Excel with ease without any prior knowledge. The program is designed to train using simple step by step guide in two different choice of languages (English and Arabic) in an interactive and guided tutorial. It’s now easy to learn Excel and is highly recommended!

Training Language: English / Arabic

Training Duration: 2 Days

Negotiation Skills Training by Leap To Success

3. Negotiation Skills

An opportunity to learn the best of negotiation techniques and strategies that are relevant in the modern business scenario. Learn the art of persuasion to close any business deal by using the right strategy for each situation. Overall, a program that will increase your conversion rates taught by business leaders with modern and practical examples.

Training Language: English / Arabic

Training Duration: 2 Days

4. Financial Skills for Non-Finance Manager

A training program that has been finely crafted for non-finance manager to help report financial data and decision making including performance measurement, business improvements and valuation. Become a professional and help your organization take the right financial decisions.

Training Language: English / Arabic

Training Duration: 2 Days

Project Management Distant Learning Training by Leap To Success

5. Project Management

Organizations need to ensure effective utilization of their resources and time. However, poor project management can have a cascade effect throughout the organization. At Leap To Success, we take the business seriously and have been helping businesses  build the skills to keep their projects on task, on time and budget each time. Learn with us the skills of successful Project Management and achieve success in your business field.

Training Language: English / Arabic

Training Duration: 2 Days

Strategic Management Distant Learning Training by Leap To Success

6. Strategic Management

Learn critical business decision-making skills with us that will help you formulate strategies, position your businesses, define firm boundaries in the face of uncertainty and competition, and maximize long-term profits. The course modules in this training are extremely popular and have proven to heighten the skills of the participants like our other distant learning courses.

Training Language: English / Arabic

Training Duration: 2 Days

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