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Creative and Design Thinking


Creative and Design Thinking Training CourseWe are all creative to greater or lesser extents, after all, we choose various combinations of food to create our meals, we combine the clothing options we have to dress for work and social occasions. In fact, we are constantly being creative day by day. However, this skill is rarely developed in the workplace as it is normally seen to be the realm of true creative such as artists, musicians, and creative geniuses. And yet developing creativity is the workforce has untold commercial benefits. This is where our creative thinking training program can help by elevating your creative and design thinking skills to a new level.

Recognizing and developing personal the creative potential in teams and individuals is a process that will be strengthened by this two-day workshop which provides an introduction to design thinking.

Benefits of Creative and Design Thinking Training Program

The Creative Thinking Training Course will help participants to:

  • Identify the difference between creativity and innovation
  • Recognize their own creativity level
  • Build a creative workplace environment or setting
  • Explain the importance of creativity and innovation in business, the community, and their lives
  • Apply problem-solving steps and tools
  • Use individual and group tools and techniques to help generate creative ideas
  • Implement creative ideas in practice

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