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Leadership Training

Our Leadership Training Academy offers young, experienced and professional leaders with a unique opportunity to unleash their full potential. We work directly with the leaders, and their respective organizations to give them intensive workshops of the highest grade that ensure them continues development.

This is achieved with a one-year track that covers the following:

Flexible Leadership Training Program

Flexible Leadership focuses on helping leaders gain a working knowledge of their own leadership style to better understand how to work with employees more successfully. Leadership and communication styles are explored through the use of an assessment. Participants learn about the qualities of leaders and how to create a vision. Once they understand their own style, they learn how to adapt their style based on the needs of their employees.

Fundamentals of Leadership

Fundamentals of Leadership will help supervisors and managers understand the leadership styles and techniques most likely to enhance productivity and profitability, improve employee involvement, and build trust. This program explores leadership and communication styles through the use of the Behavior Styles instrument. Participants identify their own style and then learn the characteristics of the other styles so they can adapt when dealing with others.

Leadership Training Essentials

Workshop participants will gain a clearer understanding of what it takes to be a powerfully effective leader. They will assess their specific strengths and opportunities for improvement, and practice specific leadership techniques that will make them more successful.

The program systematically reviews key areas of both task-related and people-related leadership competency. Participants will master tools for improving their areas of weakness, and then build personal development plans to assist them in making the short- and long-term changes they need to lead at a higher level.

The eight task-related and people-related competencies covered in this program are:

  • Big Picture Thinking
  • Directional Clarity
  • Creative Assimilation
  • Driving Persistence
  • Change Management
  • People Enablement
  • Reciprocal Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence

Leading In A Changing Environment

This managerial level program asks, and answers key questions:

  1. What do I need to do?
  2. What talent do I have to work with?
  3. Based on the talent I have; how best can I use it?
  4. What gaps do I have and how do I close them?
  5. How do I hire the talent I need?
  6. How do I plan and implement change?
  7. How do I put it all together and present it to management?

The participants, who work in functional teams when appropriate, begin by taking a detailed look at their current external and internal stakeholders, what these stakeholders need from them, whether they are fulfilling that need, and how they can better fulfil it as the environment changes.

Staffing and delegation are then examined in light of stakeholders’ needs and company-specific personnel assessment tools. The identified needs and available talent are analyzed and mapped against one another to identify future problems. The next session is devoted to creativity, and how to develop and use it to provide flexible answers to the questions change introduces. The remainder of the course focuses on managerial skills: interviewing to fulfil newly identified personnel skills, creating the management plans necessary to adapt to change, and presenting new ideas to management.

Situational Leadership Training

This program focuses on the development of a working knowledge of the leadership styles that enhance productivity and profitability and places an emphasis on adapting styles to the individual and the situation. Leadership and communication styles are explored through the use of Situational Leadership® assessments that can be expanded to include 360-degree feedback. Participants identify effective leadership behaviors and learn how to use these to promote high performance and develop their people.

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