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Strategic Partnership with Dallah Al-Baraka

Dubai, UAE, July 24, 2019

We are happy to launch our strategic Learning & Development partnership with Dallah AL-Baraka group.

Dallah AL Barakah is a leading international Saudi organization aiming to become the employer of choice along with LeapToSuccess being one of the leading, learning and development in MENA join efforts. Together we have produced and launched a unique and one of a-kind-initiative that is designed to express both entities ambitions. Thus, the initiative was named Dream Big!

Dallah Al-Baraka & LeapToSuccess initiated the Learning Lap to support the employees to have flexible self-development track that is cost-effective, engaging and customized to speed up the learning process through accelerated learning incubators.

The incubators allow the maximum number of employees to break the routine of their day, attend amazing learning sessions, control and nurture their improvement and learn to track and focus on what really matters.

The learning and development labs include introducing flagship activities, breakthrough technological approach in learning and the latest psychological and cognitive ability tools.

This initiative is the first of a kind and an important milestone that sets a shift in the learning and development approach in the region and how companies should think about it!