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Certified HR Professional


certified HR professional Training by Leap To Success

Certified HR Professional training equips individuals with the essential knowledge, skills, and certifications necessary to excel in the field of Human Resources (HR).

Human Resources is becoming one of the strongest business partners and strategy builder across organizations. It’s all about people after all! Whereas recruitment is a progressive process. Although the human resources managers in an organization make the final hiring decision, their choice is based heavily on the opinions and scores provided by recruitment specialists in addition to understanding his own role within the organizational boundaries. With this in mind, HR Proffisionals need to understand the purpose, goals and benefits of effective recruitment to avoid hiring the wrong people and wasting company revenue.

The most basic purpose of recruitment is to add new staff to the organization or internally recruit employees for new and better positions. When employees leave due to dismissal, voluntary separation, retirement or temporary absence, recruiters need to fill these positions as quickly as possible, either internally or externally. The same applies if the company expands, again requiring new, qualified staff to join the team.

This hands on 5 days certified HR professional training is a practical course that will reveal for the delegates the secrets to becoming Professional HR specialist and will equip them with all the basic and up-to-date tools in order to understand the depth of the job and perform their tasks effectively

This program provides invaluable information that delegates will be able to utilize over and over again. It is important to keep the training material with the delegates post the training course for future use and referral. Delegates can refer to the material for self-evaluation.

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