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Procurement Management


Procurement Management Training - Leap2SuccessProcurement management describes the process of buying: learning of the need, locating and selecting a supplier, negotiating price and other pertinent terms, and following up to ensure delivery. In addition, it includes stores, traffic, receiving, incoming inspection, and salvage of goods. Procurement Management is considered the heart of an organization as an efficient procurement systems can lead directly to increased bottom line profits, gaining competitive advantage by implementing immediate cost savings, and ensure a high level of service is received as the procurement process helps you “get what you have paid for”.

Goal of Course:

This Program aims to equip participants with the necessary knowledge, skill, and competencies to develop management and strategic skills in procurement and understand how the process should be undertaken in order to increase Value for Money.

Through this program, delegates will be able to assess the meanings and outcomes of the stages in the development of an effective procurement strategy and fulfill their roles in procurement management and effectively and efficiently manage company and project procurement functions.

Training Objectives:

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Establish award criteria and evaluate tenders from a financial and value for money perspective
  • Prepare scoring mechanisms and justify contract award recommendations
  • Negotiate with suppliers and manage supplier performance and contracts
  • Understand tender documentation and processes
  • Understand the concept of “strategic procurement”
  • Develop specifications
  • Devise contract notices in the required format
  • Think strategically about their procurement procedures and processes
  • Prepare and write tender documents for a variety of different tenders
  • Research suppliers and markets for goods and services
  • Understand the benefits of aggregation
  • Understand what drives suppliers and the markets they operate in

Module Outlines:

Module 1: Introduction to Procurement Management

  • The Procurement Management Procedure
  • Types of Procurement methods
  • Procurement Cycle
  • Development of skills in a strategic process of procurement
  • Improvement of procurement management
  • Building skills on how to undertake the procurement process
  • Evaluation of project constraints and the management of risk

Module 2: Contract Management

  • Overview of Legal Concepts of Contracts
  • What Is a Contract?
  • Five Elements of Contracts
  • Contract Terms and Conditions
  • Contractual Authority
  • Contract Relationships
  • Contract Interpretation
  • Contract Conflicts

Module 3: Contract Types

  • Overview of Contract Types
  • Fixed-Price Contracts
  • Cost-Reimbursable Contracts
  • Time and Material Contracts
  • Contract Type Selection
  • Additional Contract Types

Module 4: Plan Procurement Management

  • Overview of the Plan Procurement Management Process
  • Inputs to the Plan Procurement Management Process
  • Tools and Techniques for the Plan Procurement Management Process
  • Outputs from the Plan Procurement Management Process

Module 5: Conduct Procurements

  • Overview of the Conduct Procurements Process
  • Inputs to the Conduct Procurements Process
  • Tools and Techniques for the Conduct Procurements Process
  • Outputs from the Conduct Procurements Process

Module 6: Control Procurements

  • Overview of the Control Procurements Process
  • Inputs to the Control Procurements Process
  • Tools and Techniques for the Control Procurements Process
  • Outputs from the Control Procurements Process

Module 7: Close Procurements

  • Overview of the Close Procurements Process
  • Inputs to the Close Procurements Process
  • Tools and Techniques for the Close Procurements Process
  • Outputs from the Close Procurements Process

Module 8: Procurement Management for Sellers

  • Overview of Procurement from the Seller Perspective
  • Business Development
  • Proposal Preparation
  • Contract Negotiation and Execution
  • Contract Administration
  • Contract Closure

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