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Customer Service Excellence


Service Excellence Training by Leap To Success

Customer Service Excellence Training:

Service Excellence Training is a specialised Customer Service course that aims to develop and fine-tune customer service skills. Your staff will learn customer service skills and techniques for serving external and internal customers more effectively, and successfully collaborating with each other to enhance the service value chain across the organization. Participants will practice using simulations, case studies and class discussion of real-life situations – preparing specifically for the customer issues they will actually encounter on day-to-day bases.

Goal of Course:

This customer service excellence training tackles the service excellence subject in a unique way. Delegates will learn how to develop and maintain a positive attitude, show extra attentiveness to customers, use customer-friendly language, and deal effectively with customer complaints and problems. Finally, delegates learn how to build rapport with internal and external customers, interpret non-verbal communication skills, provide quality customer service at each encounter, whether emails, or face-to-face using customer service training skills.

Delegates will also learn how to create, implement, and monitor service standards. Service Excellence training course activities also cover roleplays, business simulations and empowering employees, in order to elevate the service behaviour within the organization. Finally, delegates will learn how to create a customer service climate and foster customer loyalty.

Customization: Case Studies, Gamifications, Simulations and Experiential Learning Design will be customized in the diagnostic stage after signing agreement.

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