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Our marketing academy offers a huge range of learning solutions that empower marketers to understand the full business spectrum of marketing using a practical approach and hands-on experience and projects. Below are the major topics that we deliver:

Branding & Social Media Presence

The Branding & Social Media Presence program is designed to equip the participants with the best mindsets to become the real brand ambassadors. It focuses on the concept of the “Brand Equity” from definition to application. And goes through the evolution of the brand and its vital presence in the virtual world.

Marketing Strategy

The Strategic Marketing Program is an intensive course that will sharpen your marketing skills, including designing, organising, executing and evaluating marketing activities in this complex global environment. Workshop participants will learn how to build a marketing plan based on customer insight and competitor analysis, including segmentation, targeting and positioning. Developing a brand strategy and positioning, and evaluating new markets.

Market Segmentation

Marketing Segmentation is the very foundation of successful marketing, With Market Segmentation program, participants will learn every aspect of market segmentation at a professional level to be effective at creating niche segments to promote and sell their products or services in order to create a successful sales opportunity.

Marketing Research  

Market Research course is a comprehensive, rigorous, training program that teaches the fundamental skills needed to conduct robust and insightful market research. Workshop Participants will become an expert market researcher and upon course completion they can effectively leveraging research to answer business questions, understand consumers, make decisions and solve important challenges.

Product Development

Developing successful products is a key marketing value driver. This program will ensure your product launch process support your business to stay competitive and that growth opportunities are not missed. It will introduce and explain to participants the Time to Market (TTM) products launch process as a key element to their business to help business sustainability and forge a new competitive edge adding to the organization strengths and increasing success rates.

OMNI Channels

This OMNI Channels program focuses on the Designing & deploying an Omni-Channel Approach in order to be truly literate in the programmatic space and master each omnichannel offering to gain full-funnel knowledge of the digital ecosystem. Workshop participants will learn how an Omni-Channel approach, can unify their brand message, drive enterprise value, seamlessly integrate online touch points, and increase brand loyalty, customer retention, operational efficiencies and sales.

 Marketing Creativity

This highly interactive and practical program combines creativity and marketing in a fresh, new way to help participants learn to win in the market-place today by Competing on ideas and imagination. Consumers, retailers and suppliers are demanding more creativity and innovation across every marketing activity. In this course you will learn how to do this.

Connected Customers          

This program will teach participants about connected customers in the customer service world. Participants learn how to establish rapport or foster a relationship to become more efficient, and how to better connect with your customers to create loyalty and trust, which is a benefit for any employer in getting positive feedback, recommendations about business and/or services to others, which, in turn, will increase business revenue.

Relationship Marketing  

The Relationship Marketing program is aimed at providing participants with the conceptual and valuable operational tools for the development of a long lasting and profitable relationship with customers, suppliers, employees and investors. A relationship based upon the creation of value and setting up a marketing activity centered upon satisfaction and total quality.

Digital Marketing    

Digital channels and social media have become the most essential of all modern marketing tools. That’s why every individual demands the basic knowledge & techniques which are being used commonly in digital marketing. During the program delegates will learn, digital marketing term as an approach, a strategy, a branding and marketing exercise using digital platforms. They will understand how Digital Marketing is the promotion of brand, product or service online. Including many channels namely SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay per click and Affiliate Marketing.

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