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Leadership Competencies Model and Application


Leadership Competencies and applicationToday’s dynamic world is causing disruption and forcing change in all aspects of the business especially the leader’s role, and we are left with an especially important question: how to develop leadership competencies that cope with the uncertainty and complexity of its surrounding?

This program is designed to tackle key leadership competencies that leaders need to adapt and lead across a competitive and multi-dimensional environment, whilst helping the organization maintain its competitive edge.

During the program, the leadership competencies and application workshop participants will gain a clearer understanding of what it takes to be a powerfully effective leader. They will assess their specific strengths and opportunities for improvement, and practice specific leadership techniques that will make them more successful.

Goal of  Leadership Competencies & Application Course:

The program systematically reviews key areas of both task-related and people-related leadership competency. Participants will master tools for improving their areas of weakness, and then build personal development plans to assist them in making the short- and long-term changes they need to lead at a higher level.

By the end of this course, participants will gain a clearer understanding of what it takes to be a powerfully effective leader nowadays. They will complete a leadership competency assessment to aid them identify theirs strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement, which they will work on throughout the sessions.

Moreover, participants will review and discuss modern leadership competencies examples and practice specific leadership techniques that target task related and people related  responsibilities. More importantly, these future leaders will devise a personal development that intends to enhance their skills, based on the leadership competencies model that includes eight contemporary competencies

Top leadership competencies model related to task and people covered in this program are:

  • Big Picture Thinking
  • Directional Clarity
  • Creative Assimilation
  • Driving Persistence
  • Change Management
  • People Enablement
  • Reciprocal Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence

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