Voice of Customer
Voice of Customer

In today’s era of immediacy, uncertainty and fluctuation, it is clear and more than ever that consumers are more demanding compared to the traditional business framework.  With the transformation happening with the emerging COVID 19, it is becoming rather difficult for many managers and business leaders to manage the consumer behaviours and predict their Lifetime value and retention rates.

Letter to Incognito - Reality Check
A letter of Inspiration … to Incognito!

Dear Friend,
I am writing you this letter to share with you some of the lessons that I have learned throughout my journey to the “Outside”, hoping that my experiences and learnings will help you be better prepared for your next move, which will present an infinite change to your life.

How are you feeling today
How are you today?

Most of us are trying, doing our best to surf these days through the high tides and drifting waves, and the harder we try to go up, the harder we fall and our energy drains.
Eventually, we find ourselves in a loop, a vicious circle of volatile emotions, instability, and bad feelings that affect our productivity and performance.

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