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Online Training Courses

Welcome to e-Leap. Our mission is to provide you with resources to undertake a successful online training courses from anywhere. e-Leap portal allows you to take your conventional class room training in a whole new experience, anytime at your convince. With ease of access to resources and training materials you will be able to always refer to the content and information whenever needed.

We create a solid framework for undertaking online training courses by employing cutting-edge learning management systems to significantly improve delegates learning retention for a better learning experience.

About e-Leap

At e-Leap we provide a suitable environment for the integration of information and communication technology in the training process by developing and providing training systems, electronic courses and the contents of interactive digital sources, which are linked to the lives of the coach and the trainee. We also work on designing new applications and technologies that support training both in quality and quantity.

At e-Leap we strive to provide appropriate training to participate in the development of trainees who contribute in the construction and renaissance movement in the global market. Over the years, e-Leap has developed training methods and flexible training plans that focus on the trainee and impart training skills that enable them to engage properly in the global market in terms of competition, excellence and development. Now that training and electronic training programs have become reality and caught the attention of many interested as well as practitioners, e-Leap has sought to meet the increasing need for training to keep up with rapid development to invest such modern technology

e-Leap Methods

Learning Online

In order to provide high quality training and competence, e-Leap has developed training methods through the adoption of new training patterns such as virtual training and self-training.

Great Material: Skip over material you already know and focus on topics you’d like to learn.

Certificate: Instance issuance of certification upon successfully completion of the course.

Learning is Fun: Learning is self-paced and gives a chance to speed up or slow down as necessary.

It’s simple: Accommodates multiple learning delivery methods geared to more effective certain learning

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Features & Benefits of Online Training Courses

We at e-leap are passionate about sharing our expertise by creating a new experience when you take your online training courses with us. E-Leap offers you to learn what you want, when you want. With opportunities for more multimedia training methods arise, e-learning and e-training is here to stay with synchronous online training courses that enables learners to avoid feelings of isolation and keep them in communication with others throughout the learning process

The features and benefits depends on the plan you purchase, below table illustrates the details:

Modules Individual Team Standard Basic Advance Business Enterprise
Course Enrollment
Quiz / Exam ×
Certificate ×
Email Notification × ×
Reports × ×
Chat × × ×
Sharing docs × × ×
Forums × × × ×
Messages Board × × × ×
eBooks × × × × ×
Collaboration Workshops × × × × ×
Surveys × × × × ×
Assignments × × × × × ×
Micro Customization × × × × × ×
Mobile App × × × × × ×