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Certified Brand Manager


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Branding is essential in today’s business landscape. You cannot read a newspaper, magazine, or blog these days without coming across some reference to “Branding.” Branding has indeed become a universal benchmark for something noteworthy or successful. This recognition is certainly warranted and has led to a rise in trained professionals to oversee brand marketing and management. Research from McKinsey & Company supports the importance of good branding, finding that companies with strong brands achieve returns 1.9 times higher than their industry average. Elevate your understanding of branding, including brand value, brand equity, brand positioning, and management, with our comprehensive brand manager course in Dubai & UAE.

Moreover, in today’s highly competitive marketplace, brand equity is critical to ensure competitive advantage, growth and profitability in companies large and small.

Goal of Course:

In this certified brand manager course, the primary objective of this training is learning how to develop, maintain and grow your company’s brand equity. The participants will learn the most up-to-date tools to build and manage a strong brand by brand management and marketing especially in the era of digital marketing and social media.

L2S Certified Brand Manager Course is designed to help you learn at your own pace, It will include:

  • Quick questions to help you check your understanding as you progress
  • Discussion forum questions to get you thinking about the main themes
  • A multiple-choice quiz so you can test your knowledge at the end of the course

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