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Cultural Programs Initiatives

One of the most underestimated factors contributing to a company’s excellence and the performance of its team members is Internal Culture, including corporate culture training. Studies have found that people need to belong and interact in a set of Micro-Social values to perform at their best. And the governing values of this culture will shape their mindset, behaviors, attitudes, and actions.

In LeapToSuccess we believe that the anatomy of an organization’s culture shapes how the business functions on a day-to-day base and can strongly influence the potential for success or failure. In addition, the ability of an organization and its leaders to cope with change and encourage innovation also impacts mission effectiveness. Our organizational behavior consultant through their extensive experience in boosting the culture measured the following attributes effectively:

•  People interaction within a determined culture
•  Fight or fly behaviors
•  How organizational values and being nurtured and embraced
•  Motivation and career aspiration
•  Loyalty and personal contribution

Goal of Corporate Culture Training:

At L2S, our experts studied these factors in depth and came up with a concept of corporate culture training that helps organizations, set or explore their internal values –if they haven’t yet- make them clear and actionable, communicate them with staff and employees and reinforce them from an organizational and individual perspective.

From the conceptualization until the execution, the steps cohere and evolve to create the best-integrated process.

The whole concept is created around the individual but delivered in the community, this way gets its maximum impact.

The process is divided into 7 steps: (Some steps can be added or removed depending on the size and kind of the project)

Please do not hesitate to book with a free consultative meeting with our consultant in order to get more in depth details about how we can help you to boost your internal culture.