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Microsoft Excel Simulator



“There’s an entire flight simulator hidden in every copy of Microsoft Excel.” – Bruce Schneier


Whether you are a person who likes to write down all his expenses and earnings, or if you are an entrepreneur, or if you have a big company and you need to manage all your reports, you need Microsoft Excel.

If you want to learn Microsoft Excel, you either have to attend training courses which is costing a huge amount of money or watch tutorial videos on YouTube or Udemy, which is not really convenient because you have to pause the video every while and then to navigate to back to Excel to follow up with the instructor, and definitely need to have the same files that he is working on, which is definitely not practical. Another way is to read books or articles on the internet and then you have to follow and apply the same steps on your own Excel program, and in most cases, you will struggle with that too, because you are not finding the same buttons. For this reason, we have created the first ever Microsoft Excel Simulator. It makes everyone capable of learning Microsoft Excel using a step by step, bilingual (English and Arabic), interactive and guided tutorial, without any prerequisite, and in the easiest way possible!


The Microsoft Excel Simulator works on any browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome,Mozilla FireFox, Safari, Opera, …)

The Microsoft Excel Simulator works on any device (Desktop, Laptop, Mobile Phone,Tablets, …)

Since it is an online simulator, it means that you don’t have to install any software or application or browser extension.

You just need an internet connection

Excel simulator on systems


Excel Simulator browser requirements

BILINGUAL: This E-Training solution will be provided in both languages, English and Arabic.

RESPONSIVE: This E-Training solution opens perfectly from any desktop, laptop, tablet (iPad, …), and mobile phones (iPhone, Android, …)

STEP BY STEP: For every trainee learning a new technical lesson, he definitely has the fear of messing things up by pressing the wrong button. This simulator eliminates this psychology by guiding the trainee to a step-by-step tutorial. It is guaranteed that every trainee will reach the correct solution without making any mistake.

AUTO CORRECT: After finishing the lesson on the simulator, the trainee has the option to practice the same exercise, but this time on real Excel without any help. Moreover, and in some exercises, the cell turns green if the trainee entered the correct result.

ONLINE: This is an online web application. It means that there is no need to install or setup any application. This simulator works on all browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Mozilla Fire-Fox, Opera, …)


For every lesson, you have 1 simulator file and 1 practice file. First, you practice using the simulator file which guides you in a step by step tutorial to learn and understand the concept behind every lesson. Then, you use the practice file. Some practice files have an auto correct feature which makes the cell color green when you enter the correct result or formula.

Excel Zoom



Basic Functions

  • Zoom to Selection
  • Custom Format


  • From Home Tab
  • From Right Click Menu
  • From Custom Sort


  • Activate The Filter Button
  • Simple Filtering
  • Number Filters (Greater Than, Top 10, …)
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Clear Filters
  • Freeze Panes
  • Protect Sheet
  • Data Validation (Whole Number)
  • Page Breaks
  • Linking Worksheets
  • Linking Workbooks
  • Text To Columns – Fixed Width
  • Text To Columns – Delimited
  • Goal Seek
  • Trace Error
  • Sparklines (Line)
  • IF Condition (Beginner Scenario)
  • IF Condition (Advanced Scenario)
  • Networkdays.Intl
  • Networkdays.Intl (Holidays)

Pivot Table

  • Adding A PivotTable
  • Adding Fields
  • Adding Currency
  • Analyzing Data Using Timeline
  • Filtering Data
  • Adding Pivotcharts
  • Moving PivotCharts To Another Sheet


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