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Service Academy aims to make a significant contribution to achieving a superb service culture by building exceptional customer service. Being a market leader by creating an extraordinary service and a unique set of personal touch -points, designing around a clear set of customer excellence values that revolve around the customers.

Delivering Excellent Customer Service is achieved by providing a positive experience to internal & external customers, only a memorable service interaction will give patients positive memories and build loyalty that will ensure repeated business.

Service experience defined by patients, it is the feeling of being genuinely cared for and the staff’s ability to anticipate needs that sets the service experience apart from the norm.

The service academy will encompass several tailored programmes equipping all SmartMed professionals to succeed in delivering, every time, a memorable customer experience reflects SmartMed healthcare organization’s mission – Luxurious healthcare at patients’ home

This carefully proposed programmes will develop trust in the organization. Patients who will live in such a great experience will become a SmartMed brand advocate. And this will eventually result in spreading positive vibes and build loyalty that will ensure repeated business.

  1. Service Quality
  2. The Service Mindset
  3. Internal Service- Mindset 
  4. Front desk best practices
  5. Service Quality and Service Excellence Stages
  6. Managing Customers’ Diversity
  7. Working with Irate Customers
  8. Customer Service for Healthcare Industry
  9. Certified Service Management for Ops Managers
  10. Service Leadership
  11. Certified Customer Experience Practitioner
  12. Customer Journey Mapping
  13. Service Excellence in the Healthcare industry
  14. Certified Relationship Management
  15. Total Quality Management
  16. Total Quality Management – ISO 22000
  17. Total Quality Management – ISO 9001
  18. Total Quality Management – ISO 27001
  19. Quality Assurance