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Breakthrough Leadership


Breakthrough Leader Training by Leap To SuccessThe breakthrough leadership training program is designed for those leaders who are high on emotional intelligence and possess the skills need to create a high performing organization. The business environment imposes new demands on leaders and managers. They have to engage in a fundamental reexamination of strategies, both at the corporate and business level, as well as reassess the capabilities of their organizations to execute the new and often complex strategies. This requires tools for honest assessment.

Effective organizations develop through their leaders, by achieving the right results. Effective leaders empower staff through setting direction with vision and corporate values and facilitating an environment of organizational excellence to deliver the organization’s key objectives.

Goal of Breakthrough Leadership Course:

The Breakthrough Leadership training is designed to optimize management effectiveness in relation to the motivational climate they create for their team. It will enable participants to identify specific areas for personal development in order to achieve desired results for the team and the company.

The Breakthrough leadership training program advances a more pragmatic style of leadership and management that offers real and practical training experience to encourage people to optimize personal and organizational leadership skills through focusing on the following pillars:

  • The Role of the manager
  • People management skills
  • Communication with influence

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