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Strategic Problem Solving


Strategic Problem Solving Training by Leap To SuccessChallenges that modern times business environment is posing place more responsibility of the company’s overall performance on its management. Advanced technologies, new business models, open competition, growing markets, increased need for skilled staff, and a more demanding, sophisticated and knowledgeable customer base necessitates a shift and evolution in the way we plan and implement business objectives, strategies and action plans.

Strategic Problem-Solving Course is designed to develop a “living” Strategic Plan for the organization.

This workshop is designed to provide participants with a current understanding of strategic planning and problem solving and knowing how to effectively analyze and apply knowledge for effective strategic planning skills. It provides a comprehensive understanding of strategic planning. It brings together various models for strategic planning such as Balanced Scorecard, RBM Framework, and Management by Objectives (MBO) for effective delivery of a corporate strategy.

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