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Building & Presenting Impactful Business Case


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Building & Presenting Impactful Business Case Training Course By Leap To Success“There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave. The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave.” – Dale Carnegie

Our Building & Presenting Impactful Business Case course is designed to enable the participates to understand all the elements that have a direct impact on compelling a powerful presentation that enable them to deliver impactful business case justification. This program will allow you to prepare a strong evidence-based business case using PowerPoints presentation through understanding the analytical reasoning and influencing messages that impact your business case. This program is also designed to elevate your presentation skills and presenting with impact. Throughout the program, you will be able to present your Business Case through hands-on experience and receiving constructive and improvement feedback.

A memorable presentation is about delivering your content with power and passion and in our presentation skills training delivered in Dubai, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, we train you with the skills and elevate your learning experience.

Methodology & Evaluation

General Methodology: Similar to any L2S training program, this program offers an interactive learning experience in which will allow the delegates to reflect on their learning through an informative, indulging, and fun classroom experience. The design of the training session focuses on the following attributes:

Concrete Experience: The delegates will learn by doing

Reflective Observation: Reflecting on the newly experienced skill-set

Abstract Conceptualization: Developing a deeper understanding of the learned concepts

• Active Experimentation:
providing the delegates with realistic tools that can be tested in real life.

During the training

The Building & Presenting Impactful Business Case course design is based on interactive facilitation, training games, training videos, role-plays, group discussions, group brainstorming sessions. The Delegates will start the training program by delivering their pre-assignment. The presentation will be recorded and 360 feedback will be given to the presenter.

The Delegates will be having an opportunity to deliver two presentations during the training program. These presentations will be measured against the “Presenter Competency Framework”.

Each delegate will have two reports tracking his improvement during the training program.

Moreover, the delegates will also be requested to design a training material with clear objectives and to be delivered within 10 minutes. The delegates will have the opportunity to receive feedback regarding their development skills. A set of self-improvement handouts will be distributed throughout the training program and the delegates will be asked to use those tools for a future reference.

The Recorded Role-play conducted during the course will be handed to the delegates for their own personal observation and future enhancement

The summative assessment is summarized by the final recorded role play

Note: Personalized videotape coaching will be provided for each participant.

Post the Training

Post the training program delegates will be given an action plan along with a worksheet that includes the key learning points. Also, L2S will design a Leader’s Tool Kit (LTK) for this particular module. The LTK helps the direct managers to evaluate the key learning points discussed during the training and allows the leader to monitor the progress of his/her employees post the training course.

Training Objectives:

• Distinguishing “Interesting” from “Inspiring”
• Understand the Business Case and the process that allow you to present Justifications
• Construct a Storyline for your presentation
• Subject your presentation to critical and creative thinking approach
• Design a business case, and deliver a structured presentation
• Use the 3V’s of communication to draw impactful message
• Defining a high impact presentation
• Determining the objective and timing
• Understanding the audience
• Structuring the information
• Making a script

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