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Leading with Emotional Intelligence


Leading with Emotional Intelligence Training by Leap To SuccessThe Leading with Emotional Intelligence training course is based on a research by Daniel Goleman which concluded that the high Emotional Intelligence is a bigger predictor of success in executive roles, and that the contribution of EI to success increases at higher levels.

Emotionally intelligent leadership makes a big, measurable difference in three crucial areas: employee retention, productivity, and customer service.

The Leading with Emotional Intelligence training course will provide those who lead with an understanding of emotional intelligence and develop the essential personal and intrapersonal skills for becoming a great leader. As a result their teams and those around them will feel confident, safe and willing to work with them to achieve common goals.

Research shows that emotional intelligence has a direct impact upon organizational performance and that the emotional state of the leader has a big impact upon those around them!

Leaders; by attending this Leading with Emotional Intelligence workshop will be able to  develop their emotional intelligence and will improve their effectiveness in organizational relationships and manage their emotions and those of others so that these emotions work for them not against them in the workplace.

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