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IFRS Accounting


IFRS Accounting:

IFRS Compliance

IFRS training is one of the most sought-after accounting standards and financial reporting training programs. So far most financial sector and departments have lived in the world of reactive backing, and most under Standardized Mode, where risk was measured by an excel sheet, where collateral mattered, and where essentially the measurement of credit risk was limited to a few factors. Now with the onslaught of IFRS9 where financial sector and departments are required to measure both Probabilities of Default and Loss Given Default, i.e. become IRB compliant and proactive, the world of financial industry is fast changing. Those that have not adopted a forward-looking credit risk rating system or Basel’s guidelines on Managing Credit Risk will find it difficult to adapt to a more methodical yet practical world. Their ability to detect problems early, manage portfolio risk, and set in place strategic initiatives to tackle and reduce measurable credit risk over time will be limited.

Goal of IFRS Training:

Certainly, the depth of topics is large, and the spread of knowledge to manage them is wide. We aim to focus on the essential parts, and by combining essential modules on techniques and methodologies used in detecting problems early ad preserving the Expected Loss at the obligor and portfolio level, the program should give participants with sufficient tools to manage the path to IFRS 9 compliance.

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