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Advanced Business Writing


Creative Business Writing by Leap To SuccessDocuments such as Proposals, Reports, and agendas that are written well, easy to understand, and keep to the point are composed by people who have clarified their thoughts before writing. Make your letters effective by thinking before you write and always writing what you think and it is possible with our Advanced Business Writing Skills Course.

We can argue that writing is a key method of communication for lots of people, and yet, it is considered as the one that most people struggle with. With the extensive business requirement in today’s business world for writing in English, a profound element in any business communication, employees are increasingly being obliged to enhance their English business writing skills in order to communicate with multi-cultural work environments.

Our Advanced Business Writing course will provide the participants with an overview of business writing concepts, stages ,style that also cover basic spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as well as the most commonly used business documents such as proposals, reports, and agendas.

Generally in business writing, there are typical tenses used reliant on the type of document being written such as e-mails and letters, reports, proposals and other technical papers.

During this program, delegates will also be able to produce persuasive and coherent reports through organizing information and communicating powerful ideas that support decision-making.

The Advanced Business Writing Skills course links theory and research with practical applications (such as case study analyses), encouraging higher order thinking, peer engagement, interpersonal confidence, and develop delegates’ skills in producing a range of effective business documents.

This program is highly-interactive.  Delegates will relate the skills learned during the course directly in producing their individual structured reports.  The training is supported by a comprehensive manual covering all aspects of the writing methods and offering a list of resources for additional work.

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