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Project Risk Management


Risk management Training by Leap To SuccessManagers and supervisors often have to manage and supervise various employees and aspects of the business simultaneously, in addition to projects requested by management to achieve the company’s goals, and this can place great stress on those in these positions.

our course in “Supervisory Management Skills- Level 2- Project Supervision” equips delegates with the skills necessary to be successful in a supervisory position. Improving important skills such as setting SMART objectives, communication, planning and organizing, problem solving, managing staff , motivating  and building morale of the team, dealing with conflicts,  and effective leadership forms part of this course.

It helps supervisors understand their roles and provides them with tools for achieving sustainable organizational goals. It explores the skills and behaviours needed for managing oneself and building high performing teams.

On this 5 days course you will:

  • Understand the supervisory role context
  • Appreciate why organizations need managers and supervisors
  • Understand the basic Supervisory functions
  • Learn how to supervise and lead a project team within the context of a business project
  • Be confident to manage people who were your former peers
  • Learn how to build effective team relationships in the workplace – understanding personality and diversity
  • Understand the advantages/disadvantages of different supervisory styles (incl. my own)
  • Be confident to analyze problems and achieve results through planning, prioritizing and monitoring
  • Appreciate and apply facilitation skills to overcome communication barriers and improve participation
  • Understand and apply key conflict resolution and counseling skills promptly
  • Be able to apply effective delegation, feedback and listening skills appropriately with diverse staff

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