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Negotiation Skills


“Negotiation and discussions are the greatest weapons we have for promoting peace and development.” – Nelson Mandela

Anticipating what others may say or ask gives the person the critical advantage at transacting any business and professional deal. Negotiation experts have said that life itself is just one continuous negotiation sequence. Whether you are at work involved in a variety of professional issues or at home indulged with personal issues, being skillful as a negotiator is essential to your success.Negotiation Skill Distant Learning Course by Leap To Success Once a person obtains a better understanding of the various analysis techniques or tools available to use in the development of his or her negotiation range, he/she will be better prepared to develop a strategy for the upcoming negotiations!

This program will address some of the negotiation techniques and strategies in the modern business climate. It will allow delegates to reach a mutually satisfactory result on a matter of common concerns. Delegates will be able to examine how a mutually satisfactory result is vital, because even though the parties may have opposing interest, they are dependent on each other. The delegates as a result will be equipped with practical negotiation skills that will help them in building long-terms results.

During the program delegates will understand that the art of making a deal is through persuasion rather than enforcement, and the skill is in making the other person your friend, rather than your enemy. They will be able to see that Negotiation is the art of choosing the right strategy for each situation, painting the right business picture, projecting the right personal image, doing the right research, offering the right inducement, applying the right pressure at the right time, asking the right questions and demanding the right extras.

“Remember, in business you get what you negotiate, not necessarily what you deserve”



Similar to any L2S training program, this program offers an interactive learning experience in which will allow the delegates to reflect on their learning through an informative, indulging, and fun classroom experience. The design of the training session focuses on the following attributes:

  • Concrete Experience: The delegates will learn by doing
  • Reflective Observation: Reflecting on the newly experienced skill set
  • Abstract Conceptualization: Developing deeper understanding to the learned concepts
  • Active Experimentation: providing the delegates with realistic tools that can be tested in the real life
    Negotiation Skills Training by Leap To Success


Post-program evaluation carried out confirms that individuals are significantly more successful in negotiation through putting the principles and techniques learned into action. This part will be accessed through direct feedback from the stakeholders. Delegates will be asked to record their negotiation with the customers identify their development track through the negotiation tracking list.


Delegates will undertake the following assessments during the training

  • Personal Negotiation Style
  • Persuasion matrix


  • Increase confidence and competence in negotiations
  • Be conscience of actions and their repercussions
  • Enhance both the relationship with clients and profitability of deals by trading concessions
  • Understand key questioning skills using SPIN® formula from Neil Rackham and Huthwaite Research
  • Understand key motivation triggers and ask specific questions to uncover such triggers
  • Use a six-point planning format to assist in preparing for future business and personal negotiations
  • Deal with more complex negotiating situations professionally and profitably



  • Identifying strengths and development areas, of advanced negotiators
  • Designing successful outcomes – attitude is everything
  • Developing rapport through Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication


  • Questioning and listening skills, SPIN® and motivation triggers
  • Roles for team negotiating
  • Planning negotiations, phases and stages and making proposals
  • Creating and inventing options for mutual gain
  • Using BATNA, ZOPA, WATNA, Bottom Line and Anchoring in negotiation context


  • Understanding common and conflicting interests
  • Dealing with conflicting interests in a multi-cultural environment
  • Summary-Video film “The Art of Negotiating”
  • Trading concessions
  • Negotiation through Phone Calls
  • Negotiation through e-mails


  • Negotiating Profitable Deals
  • Handling customer concerns and dealing with price resistance
  • Closing deals and the follow up service


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