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Customer Experience

Through our extensive experience in service transformation and in integrating customer experience strategies to organizations in the Middle East we became a firm believer that Customer experiences are true indicators of corporate health and brand strength; driving revenue growth, preventing customer attrition and increasing market share. They are the competitive differentiators and can help fuel an organization’s success.

Many organizations are not going beyond customer centricity, whereas many companies remain product-centric with transactional focus rather than customer relationship-based business models. From customer interactions to empowering employees with the resources they need to deliver great experiences, the state of customer strategy execution remains poor among many organizations in the region and this is affecting customer loyalty, dropping down the rates of repeated customers, reducing reliability on providers and many may more!

Organizations often fail to justify the expense of developing and implementing a customer experience strategy because they don’t fully understand the economics of customer relationships and the potential value associated with investing in a customer experience strategy.

In LeapToSuccess we designed a customer experience strategy that provide solutions that fit with the Middle East Culture through our understanding of the micro and macro cultural drivers. We are able to help the organization to:

  •  Improve their internal and external customer service
  •  Building their customer experience brand promise
  •  Enhance the level of interaction
  •  Produce measurable journey mapping
  •  Implement Customer Relationship strategies
  •  Increase the overall financial performance through engaging customers in the reliability quadrants
  •  Implement Customer design process
  •  Initiate Design thinking and innovation
  •  Increase Customers’ Satisfaction
  •  Creates Service KPI’s and OPT’s for Managing Delivery Channels
  •  Improve the Internal Service Mindset

Our solution focuses on what the customer wants to achieve as an end result as such our focus is to will be build on a scientific research for the company to identify exactly what the customers desires to achieve, how they evaluate the current experience, what are the lagging and leading indicators and how they feel at each touch point and most important how they can achieve loyalty with the organization.

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