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Maximum Resource Optimization (MRO)

Many Companies face human resources skill shortages that are a major contributor for under performing in business. Developing your human resources is very crucial to secure your business growth and maintain competition.

We can also combine our services and provide them as a bundle in order to make it more simple and cost effective for you to reach your strategic long terms goals and help you focus on what you do best i.e. doing your business.

The maximum Resource optimization allows your organization to easily navigate with us. Through the MRO we offer you a fully-fledged learning & development solution allowing you to achieve the following

·       Setting up you training academy

·       Conducting the needed TNA for the entire organization

·       Scheduling the yearly training calendar

·       Measuring the training impact on your business

·       Conduct organizational assessment before and after to achieve the desired ROI 

Our Exceptional Bundle

MRO (Maximum Resource Optimization)
If you select one of our L2S 3Ds services or L2S MRO bundle of services, we assure you that our competency will deliver measurable benefits and will help your people recognize excellence.

Training will help your people leap over their skill gaps, however to make that leap; gap identification must be done. Training need analysis is the process in which we assess the performance of employees, identify aspects that could be improved and finding potentials that are not optimized to their potential

TNA will help find skill gaps, learn the skills your human resources need to succeed in their job and what recognized qualification they must have as part of their work requirements.

TNA Levels

Organizational assessment: at this level we evaluates the level of performance in the organization on a macro level. This will determine what skills and competencies the organization needs to be aligned with it’s strategy and remain competitive in the market.

  • Occupational assessment: the skills, knowledge, and competencies required for a particular occupational group are examined and gaps pertaining to that group are identified.
  • Individual assessment: evaluate how good an individual is preforming the job, examine if the individual have the competency and capability to perform a new job or assignment.

L2S Methodology for Conducting TNA

  • Review current performance in the organization by conducting survey, focus group, interviews
  • Analysis of previous appraisal’s data and Job Descriptions
  • Conducting Development Centers
  • 360 Degree Appraise

L2S Detecting Training Needs Main Deliverables

  • Identifying the training gaps, the gap between the skills that your people have at the moment and the skills they need to have now or in future
  • Skills the organization needs to have at future
  • Company individual training program plan
  • Courses that are available to close and fill the gap
  • Determine which employees need training and what kind

Upon completion of the TNA, developing the necessary training contents to address and deliver the required skills takes place. In this phase we consolidate the required skills and knowledge into suitable learning modules and then complete modules along with facilitator guidelines are prepared

The best training method are customized according to the target audience and the span of them. equipping you with the skills you need to progress up the career ladder. L2S 2nd Pillar formalize the identified skills and competencies to be trained into modules that include training objectives, outline, examples and exercises that will be used

We ensure that our examples used in the training content are suitable for the type and importance of the information or skill we intend to deliver. Our training content are reviewed by technical and academic experts before it is finalized. Last stage is testing the content on a sample segment from the target population before approving training contents

L2S 2nd Pillar takes care of the training program development and content preparation with full attention on the objectives and your organizational strategic objective, learning opportunities, delivery methods and techniques required to enable delivering the required knowledge to the highest standards

L2S 2nd Pillar Training Content Development Main Deliverables

  • Instructor’s Guide
  • Customized training materials
  • Communication tools
  • Customized presentation required for the Training
  • Supporting material (pictures, live demonstrations or video. Exercises, group discussions, role plays or clinical practice)
  • Customized participant Workbook
  • Evaluation materials
  • Benefit realization materials

L2S 3rd Pillar ensures rich transfer of knowledge that is effective for the audience. We aim to make our training evolving and not following patterns of conventional training . We focus on individual development, which cannot happen if the transfer of learning from the trainer to the trainee is not reflected in their work

The challenge most organizations face is how to maximally optimize a training considering many constraints such as time, motivation, costs, capacity, and learning capability?

We at L2S made sure our 3rd Pillar design and customize firm and well-defined practices for the training session along with a proper professional implementation that will ensure a well-organized transfer of knowledge

A well-developed training materials only partly guarantee the success of the training. A more important role is played by the trainer’s ability to organize the process of education, i.e. to create a positive atmosphere, to be in touch with the level of interest and the development of relationships between the participants, to stimulate discussion and skillfully make transitions from one part of the training to another and so forth

L2S 3rd Pillar Conducting Training Main Deliverable

  • All the business objectives delivered
  • Interactive sessions
  • Case studies
  • Leaders tools kit
  • Training reference manual
  • Quarterly action plan
  • Role plays
  • Enforcing the outcomes
  • Motivation
  • Fun
  • Easy to get it concept

L2S MRO is our bundle of services that helps return on your investment in the most valuable assets, your human capital. Our approach is to use L2S 3Ds to complement the Learning Journey and Training Life Cycle for your human resources in your organization

While we implement the L2S MRO we make sure that we segregate the following

  • Organizational Need Analysis
  • Occupational Need Analysis
  • Individual Need Analysis

We also ensure the main drivers which act as the real engine of our L2S MRO are

  • Training need produced to meet change
  • Training needs produced by change