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Regulatory and Compliance

Anti-money Laundering

Our Anti Money Laundering is a practical, introductory level course in Regulatory and Compliance Training that will educate all relevant staff and enhance their understanding of Due Diligence, KYC principles, money laundering and terrorist financing risks, trends and preventive methods.

We provide specialized training workshops in Anti Money Laundering customized for (financial institutions / Non-financial institutions) that match employee levels in accordance with the nature of their respective work.

  • General AML – For all employees
  • Functional AML – For Sales – Operation – Finance – and quality teams
  • BOD AML – For boards of directors

Fraud Prevention and Anti Money Laundering

Our Fraud Prevention and Anti Money Laundering awareness sessions is designed to provide a preface to the topic of anti-money laundering, counter terrorist financing and the organizations involved. It also takes you further into leading techniques to manage the risk of fraud and cut its ongoing cost for all types of entities.


Our compliance awareness session will help the participants to understand the importance of compliance with regulation and instructions related to combating money laundering and how every employee play an important role in that regardless of their job function or role in the organization.

Examples and reference discussion topics are customized to ensure that the session speaks the langue of the target audience and match their industry and workplace environment.

Corporate Governance

Our Corporate Governance Program is designed to invite  professionals including Board Members, Directors, Senior Managers, Compliance Officers, Company Secretaries, Internal Auditors, and those with responsibility for corporate governance to examine current best practice in all aspects of corporate governance: from the roles, responsibilities and duties of the directors all the way through to the best implementation of governance in daily activities in the workplace.

The program has been derived from the IFC/Global Corporate Governance Forum’s Corporate Governance Board Leadership Program.

Here is our list of offered Regulatory and Compliance Training Courses.