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Supervisory Skills


Supervisory SkillsThe role of Supervisor or team leader is crucial to the success of any organization; they are considered the link between the top management that is responsible for setting the direction of the company and the staff that are key to employing this direction.

This Supervisory Skills training is designed to equip people with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitude, that will enable them to lead the team and manage resources efficiently in order to achieve performance and achieve organizational goals. This program helps Supervisors to adhere to the best practices, and attain the necessary skill set needed to ensure that they maximize the engagement and results of their subordinates.

Goals of  Supervisory Skills Training Course:

The supervisory skills training program is designed to be delivered in a high-energy, interactive environment that sets the groundwork for the participants to acknowledge the effect that the supervisory role can have on developing performance, increasing employee morale and the overall organizational effectiveness, within the context of their daily field tasks.

The role of a supervisor starts with a thorough understanding of the team’s needs, aspirations, and concerns.

By the end of each training session, we will create hand-in-hand with the participants a basic Action and Performance Plan to be used in their professional and personal development. Participants will learn about the supervisor responsibilities and the qualities of an effective supervisor. Additionally, they will understand the importance of supervisory skills and its role in shaping the road of success of the company through its individuals.

Participants will also acquire a combined set of competencies such as leadership, communication and effective delegation, which will help them improve the work environment and boost the morale of team members, in better serve internal and external customers and optimize all stakeholders’ benefits.

The activities, role plays, and action plan that delegates will perform, facilitates the future implementation of the learned concepts, and guides them into knowing how to develop supervisory skills of others.

Moreover, the delegates will be receiving a set of practical plasticized “Aid-Memoir” as a summary of their learning, which will stay with them as a reminder, to keep tuned and boost the addressed skills. 

All the cases and the experiential learning activities will be facilitated to translate the supervisory excellence concepts and best practices into a practical language that will help the supervisors start applying the very next day in the very details of their field.

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