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Financial Management


Financial Management - Course in Finance Management - Leap2Success

Financial Management teaches you how financial data is reported and how it is used for decision making, performance measurement, business improvements and valuation. It will help you understand the financial impact of decisions and how to monitor financial performance enabling you to communicate and work effectively alongside financial specialists. Our course in Finance Management will provide you with a range of financial skills such as understanding financial statements, realizing the financial impact of decisions on the company and measuring financial performance.

Upon completing our course in Finance Management, participants will emerge equipped with a comprehensive skill set to thrive in the dynamic realm of finance. and gain a profound understanding of the vital role accounting plays in driving business operations, coupled with insights into the core functions of financial management.

The course in Finance Management will help the participants delve into the complexities of essential financial statements including balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, and changes in owners’ equity and gain proficiency in navigating the accounting cycle with assurance, enabling a thorough understanding of organizational financial health. The participants will develop analytical skills to conduct hands-on analysis and evaluate company performance through insightful financial statement assessments.

Goals of Financial Management Training:

Below are the goals of the course in Finance Management:

  • Enhance the capabilities and skills in financial management knowledge
  • Understanding budgeting, budgeting process and preparing and mastering financial budgets

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