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Customer Relationship Management -SC


Successful organizations develop and manage successful relationships in business that achieve mutual benefit for all parties and can be built on high levels of trust and mutual understanding

The major shifts in the business scene with an ever-increasing competition and demanding customer require a major paradigm shift in the way we build and manage the expectations of partnerships and Business Relationships. Accordingly, Relationship Management in today’s business is the most crucial and important business function. It is considered one of the major competencies of any successful organization because it focuses on setting up winning strategies for retaining customers by leveraging from their past experiences and providing delightful, yet efficient encounter.

This intensive training program equips the delegates with the right behavioral and technical skills including managing own portfolio to ensure continues brand attraction and customers retention by turning every interaction into a mutually beneficial relationship between them and organization.

Throughout the training program, delegates will learn and apply tactics and customer-centric strategies that help them to manage the interaction with the customers and business partners in order to achieve their organizational objectives and drive sustainability & growth

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