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About Us

LeapToSuccess training center in dubai

Learning and Development Company – Training Center in Dubai

Leap To Success is a training center in Dubai, United Arab of Emirates delivering consulting, learning and development services all over the Gulf region.  The name of our company describes how we work collaboratively with our customers to help them make the LEAP towards success and growth.

Unlike the conventional way, we deliver our services by considering customer’s tailored needs and specific long-term strategic goals in the delivery process, and not only the requirements of a job description.

Leap To Success focus on providing high quality training services by ensuring that our experts carry comprehensive consultations  with our customers in order to guarantee that the training and content meets the  requirements.

Offering Professional Courses in Dubai, UAE, SA

Offering professional courses in Dubai, Leap2Success (L2S) stands as a pioneering training institute dedicated to delivering certified training courses for public and corporate clients tailored to meet the evolving needs of professionals in the UAE and beyond.

With a focus on excellence, L2S provides several short training courses aimed at rapid skill acquisition and upgrades, ensuring competitiveness in today’s dynamic corporate landscape. From management and leadership development to specialized technical courses such as Microsoft and Cisco certifications, L2S empowers individuals to enhance their knowledge and skills, equipping them with the tools necessary to excel in their respective fields.

Why Choose Leap To Success?

Leap To Success is one of the top training institutes in Dubai with a passion for providing high-quality training to businesses across different countries. We are widely recognized among the corporate training institutes in Dubai and have a reputation for our unique value-adding training solutions.

We are a group of highly qualified and skilled training consultants who are passionate in making business by making a difference. The team is built to serve our customers in the Learning & Development industry with high passion and delegacy.

Our step towards you, helps you make a leap, that is your leap to success.

We strive to ensure that  our customer gets the best attention and services at all time and we see our customers more of partners in success. The team would rather reject new opportunities if we see that it will have an impact on our deliverable quality and commitment to our partner.

We have a proven track record of consistently committing to our promises and we strongly believe that a company is as good as it kept promises. The founders of this organization come form different backgrounds which makes us diversifiable in our delivery.

We believe in growing within the communities and societies in which we are rooted – to make a difference through our training center in Dubai – and then expanding our reach to cover the entire Middle East and North Africa region.

Our Global Presence

Leap To Success training centre in Dubai and other locations

 Our Philosophy

A famous Indian proverb says “If you are planning for one year, plant rice. If you are planning for ten years, plant trees. If you are planning for 100 years, plant people.”  Our philosophy is based on people and understanding people, people are the most valuable assets in your organization .

We believe that future leaders are in your organization and everyone has potential to become a great leader if given the right training.

We realize that by providing world class training any organization  can reach consistent excellent quality, product or service, keep up with new changes and making sure their ahead of competition.

We are concerned with maximizing your organizational returns on investment in your people.

Therefore, we have to say no to business at times, if we see that we don’t give the people the full attention and service required.

L2S Culture

in “doing well by doing good”

Embrace the magnitude of creating programs that are unique to our customers that are built around people and business needs

Driven by passion in what we do, by results of what we do and commitment in continuously doing what we do

Follow scientific measures and best practices in training, consultancy and customer service that ensure our customers spot on their true potentials

With practice comes learning, with learning, comes experience, with experience comes the responsibility of guiding and mentoring. We understand that everyone is different and that you need a partner who collaboratively works with you with high quality and passion.

We see ourselves as partners with your organization and our commitment to your organization is long term engagement. The team is made up of professional certified trainers who embrace the value achieving clients expectations and creating the wow factor.



ENSURE value of our organization through success of our customers

HELP our customers identify their essential workforce training needs in order to deliver their products and services exceptionally
DELIVER world-class training to improve performance and competitive advantage of our customers
MEASURE our success by our capability to deliver the highest quality service to our customers, while maintaining a steady growth in income


Our Vision is to be the Partner of Choice for Training & Development in Middle East

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Our Clients

Our trainers and experts have worked together with many major organizations from the public and private sectors. Some of the organizations our consultants worked with are: