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Certified Customer Service Professional


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In a highly competitive market, the quality of the organization’s customer service will determine customers’ satisfaction, loyalty, increase the chances of them becoming advocates of the company and generate future revenue. Join our certified customer service training in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and beyond. It focuses on the entities, essentials, enablers, and evaluation tools involved in the performance of customer service.

The certified customer service training for professionals adopts a unique approach, as it includes the performance management dimension. Participants will not only understand the important role played by all the entities involved in the process, but they will also become familiar with the implementation phases of a customer service performance management architecture. Furthermore, they will be provided with the necessary tools and channels to enhance performance and measure its impact, both internally and externally.

Join us in this transformative journey to redefine customer service excellence and propel your organization to new heights of success with customer service training in Dubai, SA, Lebanon and Egypt.

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