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Business Acumen


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This very practical program that gives a wealth of ideas for newly appointed or experienced sales managers looking to develop themselves and develop deeper understanding about their role in the organizational value chain.

This program and first and most about business acumen which has long been a source of consternation for large corporations. Without business acumen, employees have a difficult time understanding business requirements. Learning business acumen is like studying a new language or riding a bike for the first time unless you actually do it.

Business acumen is an almost intuitive and applicable understanding of how your company makes money. It includes a thorough understanding of what drives profitability and cash flow, a market focused approach to the business, and an overall big picture understanding of the business and its interrelationships.

Investing in business acumen is essential in driving long-term business results and increasing profitability. Arming employees with a sharp sense of business knowledge not only promotes individual growth but ultimately raises the profile of the organization and gives it a competitive edge. Business acumen complemented with business practicality, perseverance, and vision can ensure a successful and profitable future

Sales Managers will gain core skills that they will need to set up a team, provide performance focus and develop a structured approach to managing their team.

And for more experienced managers that are looking to further develop their knowledge and refresh their expertise, attending the course is the ideal opportunity to learn new practices, different approaches and sharpen their approach with new insights.

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