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Collection Management Certification


Certified Collection Management Training by Leap To SuccessMaking money is the main reason of existence for most companies, if not all; it might be easy for some, harder for others, but in today’s world the sure thing is that money collection is what matters the most. Money Collection or Collection Management Training  is designed for accounts receivable or collections agents who want to improve their ability to collect more money, in less time, and with less hassle, while still maintaining solid client relationships.

Goals of Collection Management Training Course:

By the end of this course, participants of the collection management training course will gain knowledge in different areas such as credit control, change management, and debt management and collections systems.

They will learn to use assertive competencies and techniques that build trust, develop appropriate levels of rapport, allowing them to develop a better understanding of the debtor’s ability and willingness to pay.

Participants will also undergo extensive practices using the essential skills required, including how to overcome the typical debtor excuses for non-payment and how to work with the classic debtor behaviors every agent comes across in consumer collection management.

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