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Detection – Skills GAP Analysis

We are known by our Learning & Development solutions that are designed scientifically to identify the gaps that prevents the organization to achieve the desired performance related to the strategic objectives. Also known as skills GAP Analysis, this process helps us in analyzing the present situation and defining a road map for future travel.

What is a skills GAP Analysis?

Skills GAP Analysis, also popularly known as Training Needs Analysis, is an important step that must be taken by every organization to identify the current skill level and determine how to bridge that gap by providing necessary training programs.

Difference between SWOT and GAP Analysis

While SWOT Analysis provides an insight of the Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats of a company against its peers or competitors by performing an external evaluation to achieve long-term goals; GAP Analysis, on the other hand, is an internal evaluation that helps in analyzing the reasons behind the lack of performance, followed by suitable training programs to cover the skill gap and attain short-term goals.

Why do we need training and development?

The need for training and development in an organization arises with the identification of the current skill level and clear understanding of the goals of the organization. Since most employees have technical or behavioral weaknesses, it’s important to undergo the training and development programs when needed.

Importance of Training Needs Analysis in an organization

Most often than not, the organizations arrange training programs for employees across different skills and experience levels without performing the identification of training needs of employees. This frequently results in loss of man hours at work and increased training costs without bringing in the desired results. So, the organizations must first aim at Training Needs Analysis before starting their training programs.

How to determine training needs of an organisation?

Training Needs Identification form or GAP Analysis template is an excellent tool that helps in collecting all the information before the course of training is decided. Also known as Training Needs Analysis Questionnaire for employees, it must be filled by the Reporting Manager, HR / Training Manager and the employee himself.

The Training Need Identification Questionnaire must cover several aspects related to the employee’s current roles and responsibilities and should collect important information such as:

  1. List of training needed – both technical and non-technical (soft skills) training.
  2. How the list of desired training will help the trainee in performing the job better.
  3. How will the employee and the company benefit from this training?

For training and development must be an ongoing activity, it’s recommended to keep a Training Needs Analysis template handy. But it’s important to remember that as the business scenario changes the Training Needs Analysis Questions in the form must be updated or changed from time to time to capture the training needs better.

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