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The Art of Self Motivation and Why It Is Important In Shaping Our Success

Do you want to be successful and happy?

An easy question with a simple agreed upon answer YES!

Then what are you doing about it?

Many of us cruise through life searching for a purpose and working to achieve it. The purpose differs from individual to another. It could be to have a family, build a career, be famous, explore the world, help others, and many more goals and objectives.

I personally like to use the word SUCCESS!

Self motivation - Leap to Success

Reaching success in this instance means to achieve our purpose, goals, or objectives no matter how small, big, or even realistic they are.

Life is getting harder by the day, and things are getting more and more difficult. You are tired but have to finish a project, your child is discovering independence and you are worried, a long term relationship with your loved one has hit a brick wall, you are trying to start a new business but struggling.

You end up going through an endless rollercoaster of good and bad moments, motivational slumps where you are motivated at times and the complete opposite at others.

Yet you keep on searching and fighting hard looking for that small glimpse of hope.

So why do you still fail in breaking the pattern and finding the RIGHT ANSWER to help you stay motivated and achieve SUCCESS?

Many thoughts come to mind while asking this question, though the main reason for failing to find an answer is that you are not looking in the right place:

You have to look inside for that force that pushes you to stay positive, dream big, and work hard. Dig deep down until you find your MOTIVE!

“Self-motivation is, in its simplest form, the force that drives you to do things.”

If you want to open the door for SUCCESS in everything that you do, self-motivation is the key:

It increases your positive energy and enriches your performance.

It builds your self-confidence and makes you evolve as an individual.

It is contagious.

It makes you happier.

You must learn how to motivate yourself and stay positive no matter how hard the situation is. It is the best way to get the strength you need to overcome difficult times.

“Those who are discouraged in difficult times are certain to lose even before the battle is over.”

So how you motivate yourself?

There is not a simple answer for such a question because self-motivation is an art, not a mathematical equation, but here are few tips or ingredients that will help you create your own recipe for self-motivation:

Have ownership: set your own goals, having control over them makes you more motivated to achieve them. Be accountable for the things that happen to you, learn from your failures and celebrate your accomplishments, even the little things. Believe that you have control over your fate.

Communicate more with yourself: ask yourself about what you want, what makes you happy. Embrace your strengths and accept your weaknesses. Keep a list of the things you wish to improve and check it regularly. Remind yourself of the positive in the situations that discourage you. Be grateful for what you have.

Work hard: be confident and focused toward your goals. Do not dwell on how much you still have to go, keep your eye on how far you have come.

Be selective with your surrounding: positive people are supportive and will inspire you to move forward, while negative people are abusive and will suck all your positive energy and hold you back.

Take care of your health: force yourself to exercise regularly, it can even be a small daily walk, but it will make you feel more positive about yourself.

Now before you start the first step of this self-motivation journey, you need to remember the most important ingredient!

FUN: stay relaxed and laid back, do activities that you like, it can be a vacation or just chilling in nature, whatever makes you HAPPY!

About the Author

Amine Khallas
Skill Builder