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Employee Engagement and Emotional Intelligence

Innovation and Design Training by Leap To SuccessIn order to be successful in a dynamic and competitive business environment, organizations need to be having those employees who are dedicated toward their jobs. The success of any business depends on its engaged and committed employees; that is a combination of high employee engagement and emotional intelligence

Today, it has become very significant for organizations to nurture, develop and engage their talents in the best possible manner. 70% of fortune 500 companies are sitting aside budgets to train EI. Employee engagement can be defined as the degree to which a person is emotionally attached with the organization. Recent researches indicate that emotional intelligence has a strong impact on the engagement level of employees

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) or (EI) is a set of emotional and social skills enables people to relieve stress, communicate effectively, overcome challenges, and handle conflicts.   

An employee with high emotional intelligence can manage his own impulses, communicate with colleagues and clients effectively, manage change well, solve problems and build rapport in difficult situations.

When employees are emotionally engaged, they feel a sense of pride and loyalty to their workplace and in return they are motivated to work.

Employees positive energy becomes instrumental in enhancing the growth and productivity of the organization.

Studies stated that engaged employees are more than committed to organizational mission, vision and they add value to the organizational processes.

Dr. Travis Bradberry states that 90% of top performers in organizations are highly emotional people.

Syed Antar at Leap To Success

Dr Syed Antar
EQ-I Certified Consultant
EQ CTAA Certified Assessor