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Human Resources

Our HR Academy offers a wide range Human Resources Training Courses on practical, basic and specialist knowledge to understand the full business spectrum of Human Resources. Below are the major topics that we deliver:

HR Essentials – Human Resources Training Courses

HR Essentials is one of the most practical Human Resources Training Courses that will reveal for the delegates the secrets to becoming Professional HR specialist and will equip them with all the basic and up-to-date tools in order to understand the depth of the HR job and ensure the effective execution of all Human Resources activities.

HR Foundation & Interviewing Skills

HR Foundation & Interviewing Skills will help workshop participants to understanding the basic bundling blocks of HRM practices. Also, this course will share knowledge of how to develop the correct structure for successful interviews – How to find, hire and retain the very best.

Interviewing Skills

Wrong hiring decisions will be costly and decisions related to recruiting, interviewing and hiring are critically important to any organization. This program covers the ins and outs of interviewing and best practices for finding top talent. Workshop participants will learn key interviewing concepts and techniques, and reinforce skills with hands-on practice to be able to use learning immediately in their next interview.

Performance Management

Performance Management program is designed for supervisors and managers in every organization who need to give employees feedback during performance reviews and throughout the year about everyday work situations. Workshop participants will learn how to deliver feedback effectively, deal with resistance, provide measures to improve employee performance and develop more productive manager-employee work relationship.

Talent Management – HR Training

Talent Management program provides participants with a holistic view of strategic talent management. It illustrates the concepts and practices organizations can use to transform the talent they have into the business results they desire by leveraging multiple strategic talent management initiatives and utilizing a combination of best practices, and techniques to build strategic capabilities to better leverage talent to achieve organizational success.

Training Needs Analysis

Training needs analysis is the first step to any successful Human Resources Training Courses and is a critical part of succession planning. Conducting this analysis allows an organization to focus its efforts on areas of training that are necessary for employees to successfully carry out the organization’s goals, make optimum use of the company’s training budget, and motivate employees by contributing to their career development.

This program focuses on the development of a working knowledge of preparing for training needs analysis projects at a variety of levels – simple to complex situations.

Train the Trainer Certification

This comprehensive train the trainer program is designed for trainers & individuals seeking to improve trainer proficiencies to conduct learning that enables people to grow and develop.

Workshop participants will gain a clearer understanding of the best practices and latest techniques in training delivery, discovering the 4Ps of training: Purpose & Assessment, Planning & Preparation, Presentation & Facilitation, and Performance & Evaluation.

Strategic HR Management – HR Training Courses

Strategic HR management is a well-structured program for managing Human Resource Architecture together with Relationship between Human Resource Management and organizational strategic aims in order to truly become a strategic partner in the business.

In this Human Resources Training Program, workshop participants will gain an insight on the Strategic approach towards HRM and understand how various HR strategies are formulated and implemented.

HR and Strategic Business Partnership

Companies with HR and Strategic Business Partnership report superior positive outcomes in multiple business areas, including employee performance, employee retention, revenue growth, and profit growth.

HR and Strategic Business Partnership program will equip HR professionals with processes and tools necessary to put ideas into action and help them to enhance their skill sets and adopt a new strategic mindset to advance their career and business.

Labor Law

Workshop participants on the Labor Law training program will develop the following competencies:

  • Awareness of their staff rights and their organization’s rights
  • Apply the newly introduced amendments in their home Country Labor Law
  • Use of different methods in the process for local Recruitment of Citizens and Recruitment from Abroad
  • Apply Employment contract process such as entering into a work contract, ending the work contract, work contract termination and probation period
  • Know the Time of Payment of Wages and Wages Deductions and Percentage of Deduction including the Working Hours & Overtime Hours
  • Apply the Rules and Conditions of Training and Qualification Obligatory to the Employer and for the Employer’s Workers
  • Know the award and end of service benefits calculation
  • Deal with Annual Vacation, Holidays and Official Leaves, Personal Leaves, Leave for Exams and Sick Leave

Designing HR Policies and Procedures

Designing HR Policies and Procedures is another much sought after Human Resources Training and Development Program that help an organization run at its most efficient and effective level. During this intensive HR Training Course, workshop participants will realize the importance of good quality HR policies and procedures to the overall business and learn how to write effective organization business related HR policies and procedures for implementation throughout their organization.


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