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Sales Communication & Negotiation Skills


Sales Communication & Negotiation Skills Training by Leap To SuccessPossibly the most important skill that any professional person should develop is the ability to Negotiate effectively with others. Negotiation is crucial in our daily life, we can surely argue that “the success of our business is profoundly based on negotiation”.

Anticipating what others may say or ask gives the person the critical advantage at transacting any business and professional deal. Negotiation experts have said that life itself is just one continuous negotiation sequence. Whether you are at work involved in a variety of professional issues or at home indulged with personal issues, being skillful as a negotiator is essential to your success. Once a person obtain a better understanding of the various analysis techniques or tools available to use in the development of his or her negotiation range, he/she will be better prepared to develop a strategy for the upcoming negotiations!

This program will address some of the negotiation techniques and strategies in the modern business climate. It will allow delegates to reach a mutually satisfactory result on a matter of common concerns. Delegates will be able to examine how a mutually satisfactory result is vital, because even though the parties may have opposing interest they are dependent on each other. The delegates as a result will be equipped with practical negotiation skills that will be help them build long-terms results.

During the program delegates will understand that the art of making a deal matter is through persuasion rather enforcement and the skills of making the other person your friend, rather than your enemy. They will be able to examine that Negotiation is the art of choosing the right strategy for each situation; painting the right business picture; projecting the right personal image; doing the right research; offering the right inducement; applying the right pressure at the right time; asking the right questions; demanding the right extras.

 “Remember, in business you get what you negotiate, not necessarily what you deserve”

The program is built around a number of negotiation simulations, with a strong emphasis placed on negotiation practice.  It is highly interactive with the role-plays recorded on video and then reviewed by the facilitators and all delegates. Supplier/Customer negotiations are included as skill levels develop.

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