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Etienne Mahfouz

Etinne Trainer

Mr. Etienne Mahfouz

Senior Consultant and a Lead Trainer and a Project Manager

Etienne Mahfouz is a Senior Consultant and a Lead Trainer and a Project Manager in LeapToSuccess. He performed several activities in the region like Several Statistical Feasibility and Market Studies, Various Management Consulting projects and induction programs. In addition,  Etienne developed a business model for a reinsurance captive compliant with Solvency 2 Regime, Segmentation using HCA of clients in a Bank, Modeling on E-view using models such as ARCH, GARCH, and ARMA under supervision of someone from the central bank of Luxembourg and other activities such as Statistical Survey done in university of Lorraine under the supervision of consultant of Euro Stat.

As a trainer his preferred facilitating style is a reflection of the training school that he belongs to. Brain Friendly Learning features strongly in all the programs that he designs and delivers. He believes in high level engagement in his classroom with a clear delivery to all preferred learning styles which includes Visual, Audio, Reading and Kinesthetic.

Etienne Mahfouz is Leading the induction programs in LeapToSuccess.

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